Wednesday, September 19, 2007

$80k raised for LLS and more join ranks of triathletes

36 more (not so) regular folks joined the ranks of accomplished triathletes this past Sunday after the Dave Scott Texas Man.

This group also raised over $80,000 for research in the fight against blood cancers and for patient services for those with these diseases.

Note: at the time of this photo, we're still awaiting our Half Iron Man finishers! More photos to come...

Saturday, September 15, 2007

Summer Team: Dave Scott's Texas Man

I just returned from the Summer Team's Victory Party - a big pasta dinner with a formal program of appreciation, inspiration and motivation.

I'm delighted to report that Nancy, Sean, & Mike are all ready for their race. I've been out the past few weeks and have not heard from Kelly so I really hope to see him tomorrow.

The Summer Team raised over $80,000 for LLS.

Doug Campbell gave his testimony as a both current cancer patient & TNT alumni. I can't even begin to describe the tenacity of Doug. Since being diagnosed with his cancer in 2001, he's undergone four rounds of chemotherapy among other treatments, trained for a full IronMan distance race which he had to abandon with great reluctance, completed a Half-Ironman at the LoneStar where I was able to cheer him across the finish line alongside 22 other Doug fanatic's all of whom wore "Team Campbell" t-shirts, and demonstrated his amazing tenacity again this evening describing his current relapse and ongoing fight. He's a total badass and has an amazing life force which cancer has seemingly managed to inflame all the more. His wife and young daughters are never from from his side.