Saturday, July 26, 2008

The rolling hills, hills, and more hills of the Goatneck

Lots of riders use the Goatneck as a warm-up for the Hotter'N Hell 100 mile ride in August. Some folks say that the Goatneck is even tougher than the HH100 in some respects because of the persistent rolling hills across the 70mi course. The HH100 is flat, windy, and well, hot. Though it's plenty hot in July too! By the time we stepped off the bikes for last time today, the mid-day thermometer was reading in the 90s.

The reported 3,000+ riders today received ample support on the course. Rest stops are spaced every 7-8 miles. SAG wagons (anyone know where that name comes from?) ensured distressed or disabled riders did not wait long for help. And the volunteers do a wonderful service and a great job every year - today was no exception.

My trusty riding partner Mike W. had to skip this race. As expected, I found some old TNT training buddies to ride with and even dear Coach Tom to visit with during the rest stops. Tom is looking strong as usual, and like many others from today's crew, will be heading to Austin in October for the Longhorn 70.3.

In summary. The Goatneck rocks. Today's distance was my greatest to date - so that's a new challenge met, heh!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Runner's World Profiles a TNT Family

Runner's World magazine decided to send me a few free issues - they got my name from the Cowtown Marathon. Smart move; it's a good read thus far and I just might subscribe.

This August issue features a Houston family, the Crews, and their story with TNT and triathlon which began after husband and father Bill Crews beat his stage-four non-Hodgkin's lymphoma after being diagnosed in 2004.
You'll find the full article, "Team Work," here on the Runner's World Web site.

It's a story with a very happy ending. It might offer a bit needed motivation for you as well. Enjoy!