Sunday, April 26, 2009

Not a PB, but I ran finally ran a race in 2009

Around 400 athletes came out the Fort Worth suburb of Benbrook, Texas - home to one of the nicer YMCA facilities you’ll ever see - for the seventh annual Tri-Benbrook.

In a show of how triathlon continues to grow in popularity, a show of hands before the race demonstrated that perhaps a third or more of the participants came to run their first Tri.

The rain held back, mostly. The wind whipped at about 20-30 mph. The clouds kept the sun and heat at bay. So, it was great racing weather all said.

I ran this course faster last year. No excuses, I was in better shape a year ago.

So while I’m always pushing for a personal best, I’ll take this result as a good barometer of what I need to do to hit my goals for the remainder of the year. Said goals:

  1. Complete a 70.3 Half Ironman race in under six-hours.
  2. Complete an Olympic or Quarter-Iron race in under 2:50.
  3. Complete a Sprint distance race in under 1:15.

All three represent incremental improvements over my previous race results. There it is. Now, it’s time to pick some races and dust off that training plan!