Friday, June 29, 2007

Raining and training

It's been raining in Texas in June seemingly all month.

In Fort Worth, the sewers are overflowing. Rarely does the weather occupy such a constant stream of news in North Texas.

For most of this week, many on our team took training indoors. Tomorrow morning, fingers crossed, we'll be able to pull off our regular Saturday morning outdoor training. This week's schedule has us riding 30 and 50 minutes for the Sprint and Olympic teams while the Half Ironman team completes its second Double Brick of the month. A brick combines two elements such as a run and a bike; a double brick, well, you guessed it - multiply that fun by two!

I hope to train with the Half Ironman team and do my best to keep up. They're a top notch group, with Mike Williams, endurance athlete in training, among them. Mike's done a great job of fundraising thus far - if you can help him hit his goal and support LLS, we'd all sure appreciate it!

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