Monday, December 24, 2007

Update, eternal wisdom from Honored Hero Jordan

I've copied an except here below from Jordan's most recent online Journal entry:

As I continue my recovery, I’m learning the difference between ‘well’ and ‘healthy’. Patients can leave the clinic healthy and cured, but may not be well....Right now, I am definitely recovering well and quickly, and am well...

Thank goodness! He continues:

There is no rhyme or reason to who gets it. It doesn’t care if you’re in shape or not, it doesn’t care if you have a family or not, it doesn’t care if you’ve got the insurance coverage or the money to handle the medical bills—it just takes and takes and takes from whomever crosses its path...

But we can take back. We can’t take back our normal kidney function and we can’t take back the health we had before we had to do the things we have to do to survive cancer, but we can take lessons—we can learn. WE CAN BE WELL. We can learn to be happy with what we have... time and with training I’ve been able to take back my body and compete in strenuous athletic events that even most normal people cannot do. I’m referring specifically to the triathlons I did...Cancer took my strength and athleticism, and I took it back...

Read the full entry on Jordan's CaringBridge Journal. I'm sure you'll be struck and I am by the fighting spirit of Jordan and his family and by the elements of eternal wisdom Jordan has earned through his multiple bouts with cancer.

Thanks and Happy Holidays!

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