Saturday, July 24, 2010

TriWaco 2010 Pre-Race

After a spill on his bike a week ago on what was to be a nice long training ride for us both, Mike W sustained enough nasty scrapes and deep gashes that he's been forced to miss TriWaco for a second straight year. This one hurts, because unlike me, Mike is otherwise ready to kill this course.

Dusty with family, both parents and wife/kids in tow, is back this year too. He's part of triathlon club in Austin, so I'm predicting a great showing for him tomorrow.

The upside for me with Mike idle, is that he's given me some constructive attention. We made a few bike adjustments that I really think will help me tomorrow.

I had the eggplant parmesan after several helpings of salad and breadsticks at the Olive Garden. Mike got the chicken variety. Our tradition of OG carbo-loading complete, it's now time to wind down.

It's good to be back...

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