Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Total Immersion Swimming

I have been meaning for some time now to write a post about Total Immersion Swimming.

It's a book.

It's a DVD.

They have classes in your area with certified instructors.

Starting out in triathlon training, I found swimming very frustrating. I just knew I was doing it wrong, and even worse, I knew I was not getting better quick enough, if at all.

So I asked around, finally, and bought a book "Total Immersion: The Revolutionary Way To Swim Better, Faster, and Easier."

The title does not lie, and this system does not disappoint.

Ask me about if you'd like to know more; I can't say enough good things about my experience with TI.

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timothy said...

When I started swimming in college, the coach used to joke that I looked like an arthritic grandmother.

Eventually I got it worked out to a much longer smoother stroke. Its amazing the difference it makes with a few small adjustments to arm and leg movements.

Just remember, think "long"!