Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Bike

On the bike, I thought about Bog Seger.
According to Timothy White, a writer for Rolling Stone, "'Against the Wind' is about trying to move ahead, keeping your sanity and integrity at the same time." [1]
Yeah, that's about right.

For about 14 miles of the 28 mile "Mavic Loop," we rode against the wind. Slowly. Stubbornly.

Dudes and chics with better bike legs and much better bikes (like the really cool aerodynamic triathlon bikes) did whiz by me thanks to their conditioning and reduced wind drag.

The second half of the ride, after the turn around, well, was pretty awesome. We flew! As hard as the first half was riding into the wind, riding back was fun.

It was at this point in the race, that I firmly determined that the Quarter Iron Man was the right race for me. Those suckers doing the Half Iron Man had to do that loop one more time, with that wind, which I swear was only getting worse.

I, on other hand, was on to the run!

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