Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The Run

Very little drama on the run compared to the swim and bike.

Mid-way through, I contemplated a bathroom stop, which on reflection, would have cost me my goal of completing within three hours, so I'm glad kept going.

The course wound around many times through Moody Gardens.

Volunteers, many of whom dressed-up, one as a clown, some in Roman-style togas, passed out Gatorade and water. A man played guitar and sang Jimmy Buffet songs as entertainment for the runners. Cheerleading squads added a welcome dose of pep and spirit.

The run was like one big, sweaty, continuous-motion party for me. Somehow, it ended up being my best part of the race. The best part of the run, for sure, was that it lead to...




Bryan Kimes said...

Nice job, man. You beat my time by 4 minutes!!! Seriously, I'm very proud of you and your fundraising efforts. Good job!

PS: My tri was very hilly...I mean, it had "mountain" in the name. Not that it matters, I mean, its only 4 minutes, that's nothing...SH*T!!

Jonathan Goodman said...

Bryan, we've always had the competitive element between us.
Unfortunately, we can't compare two different races, run nine months apart.

So, how about we find a race either in Texas or around the DC/VA area to run together. Whatcha think?

Bryan Kimes said...

Escape from Alcatraz, June 2008....Its on! We'll take turns looking out for SHARKS.

Its a little longer swim (1.5 miles) than the olympic length, short bike (18 miles of hills including the presidio) and a nice 8 mile run through golden gate park.

I am 80% sure I want to do this race alone but I'm 100% sure I'll do it with you. We can even take a week in hawaii afterward to recover...

Bryan said...

Do you have Google Earth? If you don't, you should get it because its very cool. Assuming you have Google Earth, download this file...
and run it with GE and it will give you the fly-over for the race.

Jonathan Goodman said...

It's on for June 2008!
Escape from Alcatraz!