Monday, October 23, 2006

Special needs.

As a swimmer in training, I've learned that I have special needs. Our team coaches have joined forces to offer some personalized approaches to training.
  • Special need #1: My legs don't offer any propulsion during my freestyle stroke. Probably because I have this scissor-style convulsive kick that's in reality a far cry from the gentle flutter that I'm attempting. My lower half has a mind of it's own (yes... Insert joke here.)
  • Special need #2: My lower half sinks when I leave it motionless.
  • Special need #3: When I do move my legs, something akin to a paddle boat fighting an onboard engine set to reverse takes place. My arms are working AGAINST my legs.
So legs are out. Don't need 'em! Save them for the run and the bike say my coaches.

Works for me.

So I get to use this cool floaty thing that props my legs and keeps them level with the water while I swim laps. This is a training tool only.

By April's race day, I'll have worked through my special needs sufficient to complete 1500 M.

Count on it.

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