Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Jameson 5k at Southwestern University 2007

This was my second year to run the Jameson 5k at Southwestern, which occurs Saturday morning during the annual Homecoming gathering each fall.

Two observations from this year's event:

  • The field of runners both grew and got faster from last year to this year.
  • I got slower.

A bit about the Jameson 5k:

The Jameson 5K at Southwestern began in 2001 as a way of honoring the memory of Jaysn Jameson and to increase the endowment of the Jaysn Jameson Memorial Scholarship Fund. Each year of the race our goal is to improve upon the last year and build the race to a premiere event for Southwestern University and Georgetown.

Kenda Evans, sister of Jaysn, is the event organizer is doing a fantastic job in realizing that goal.

This year's results? I dropped to 122 (from 80 last year) and my time got worse. It may have been that extra G&T at the alumni hospitality on Friday night (I'm pretty sure of that actually...).

I absolutely plan to be back next year. And complete the run in under 25... we'll see how my Friday night goes next year :-)

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