Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Season Two: The Fundraising Plan

I just learned that our Winter team has already raised $29,588. Sadly, Team Goodman has not contributed to the team total... yet!

Here's my plan for hitting my goal of $3,000. The total will actually be a mix of real money and "credits" I get for volunteering. I figure the smart folks at TNT/LLS know what they're doing and the credits support the cause nearly almost as much as cold hard cash.

The plan for your review:

Fundraising Goal $3,000
Source: Planned amount to be raised:
Local business donation $700
Volunteer credit $1,300
Friends & family donations $800
Personal donation $200 or whatever is left over!

In Season One - I relied heavily upon Friends and Family, and everyone came through in amazing fashion. My two sisters, my mom, dad, aunts, uncles, family friends, co-workers, former co-workers, college friends, Fort Worth friends, fraternity brothers, and even some people I have never met in person who are friends of TNT/LLS and supporters of the cause all made generous donations.

In Season Two - I really want to diversify and work hard to get a few local businesses to pony up. I figure my increased calorie intake during triathlon training alone is benefiting the local economy. They really should give back. I'll keep you all posted here.

Share your thoughts on this plan (and feel free to make a donation!)

All the best...

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