Saturday, November 24, 2007

Who makes swim goggles for those with big noses?

I had a lot trouble finding a pair of swim goggles that fit my head. That was my predicament a year ago at the beginning of Season One (Winter 2006/07). I have a prominent nose. Swim goggle manufacturers seem not to take my kind into account when designing their products.

Alas, I did find a solution in a particular pair which looked not at all like those performance eye goggles that the Olympic swimmers wear but looked rather much more like a kid's scuba mask appropriate for the back-yard kiddie pool pretend dives. But they stayed on my face, kept the water out, and did not attempt to crush my nose as many others seemed designed to do. I came to like these goggles (made by TYR and named Hydrovision). It all ended when they quit working this past week. Two workouts, viciously cut short due to unexpected equipment failure. The seals leaked and my eyes were repeatedly splashed by chlorinated H2O. From Coach Tarp, expert on all triathlon, I learned of a local sage of goggle fitting arts. Located at the local run shop, a masters swimmer can be found, working the odd mix of retail hours, who provides for the local endurance athletes in training. Perhaps she has the answers I seek.

In my haste to return to the pool I took another course and visited the local chain sports warehouse. On a narrow aisle, I see the left overs which survived into the off-season. I read descriptions looking for a marketing term that is code for "big nose" and I think I actually found it. It's called the "Technoflex," another TYR goggle. So who makes goggles for those with big noses. TYR does. Thanks TYR! As I have a prominent nose.

Though I still think I'll visit the goggle sage... I'll let you know what I find.


Dave McCabe said...

There is a short video at that tells of the Speedo Vanquish goggles that come with several different straps that are adjustable, and some Swedish goggles (Malmstein?) that you can customize to your own requirements.

Frederick Marcus said...

Unfortunately for those of us with the hawk beak or Roman noses, the speedo goggles won't even work with the largest nose bridge replacement.