Sunday, January 07, 2007

Count down to Lavaman

I hope you, my reader, had a wonderful holiday season!

Despite a few blips and missed training days to due holiday traveling, the endurance-athlete-in-training member of Team Goodman has made progress.

Jonathan's Training:

Swim - "Swimming is hard; my coaches look at me with a face which betrays their curiosity. I look like a swimmer when out of the water; I've got something akin to a swimmer's build. But in the water, well, my form is lacking. My immediate goal is to graduate from the slow lane of the pool. My endurance has picked up quite a bit over the past three months."

Bike - "I love to cycle; I'm still training with my Kona Fire Mountain, which is as you'd guess, a mountain bike. I can do the Olympic distance no problem. Between now and April, I'm going to work on my road skills and improve my time. Oh yeah, and pick up a proper road bike..."

Run - "Since training started in September, I've been able to build a good base of endurance to build upon; I've run a 5k and 10k event. Like my cycling training, it's now about improving my time and working on good running and race technique."

More updates to come soon on raising money and other upcoming events...

Three months until Lavaman!!

Again, thank you for your support!

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