Sunday, January 21, 2007

Join the Conversation

I was just reminded by a comment from my big sister and again from my favorite podcaster/blogger, Joseph Jaffe, that my intent with this blog, in addition to providing a chronicle of this journey of raising money for LLS and training for my first triathlon with TNT, was to conduct an experiment in communication with the people in my "community," those who I can call family, friends, colleagues, and other peers and acquaintances.

And my passionate desire is make this a conversation.

Not a one way communication.

And I just realized that I've not explicitly invited comments!

Stupid me.

Please comment. Join the conversation. Just hit the "comment" link below. Let me know you're out there... Or call me, write me... share your opinions, views, ideas, & contributions (and not just the financial kind).

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Anonymous said...

John did you get the donation from LexisNexis?