Sunday, January 28, 2007

Flower Mound RunBiTri

Everyone was a winner today! A group from the winter Fort Worth TNT triathlon team traveled to Flower Mound, north of Dallas, on a very cold January morning to participate in the first of a series of "RunBiTri" or reverse triathlon events. And we all won meddles! As you can see in the picture at right, we are all thrilled about our recognition!

(Pictured: Jennifer Starr, Jonathan Goodman, Nick Luft, Brett Starr, Tara Haelle)

I ran the "RunBi" or "Du" - which consists of three legs: 5k run, 13m bike, 2k run. The rest of our team competed in the "RunBiTri" or "reverse triathlon" which consists of a 5k run, 13m bike, and 350M swim.

Results are posted (for those who care).

In summary: another great and humbling event! Medals are fun, even when little more the participation prizes! Full fingered gloves are on my to-buy list to combat the cold during sub-zero temperature bike rides.


Bret Starr said...

You're being modest. This event was tough (it was 31-degress and windy) and you kicked ass. Only hardcore triathletes showed up, and you won a medal. You looked great and we all had tons of fun. Way to go!

Jonathan Goodman said...

Bret - I suppose you're right; didn't someone famous say that "ninety percent of success is showing up."

It was a great time; I especially enjoyed your whizzing by me on Charlie!

Great job to you and Jennifer both!