Saturday, January 27, 2007

Goal update: from Lavaman to Lonestar

I'm now training for the Lonestar Triathlon - Quarter Ironman.

After giving careful consideration to my current fundraising trajectory and comparing that to the rapidly evaporating weeks until race day (April 1), I decided to shift my race event, and thereby my overall fundraising goal from $5,800 to $2,600 (the amount of money I need to raise in order for the Society to cover my race expenses. Team In Training must send at least 75% of all donations directly to Society, the remainder can cover programs expenses, including the costs of sending yours truly to my race).

The Lonestar Quarter Ironman is also slightly less of swim than an Olympic distance triathlon for which I've been training thus far (I'm not sad about this fact).

All that said, I've rededicated myself to overachieving my fundraising commitment, with your continued help, some special activities and volunteering, and my own contributions.

Thank you to all my great friends and family for your support - you can see all of the generous supporters on my fundraising page.

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